At Arsene, you will have the opportunity to develop your skill set as a tax lawyer with our team of experts.

Our job is demanding and exciting; we’re here to learn about it together.


Arsene is a place where you are free to grow and have the space you need to embark on a long adventure and truly go places.

Your talent needs freedom and trust; together, we will take it a step further.


At Arsene, we share expertise, clients, teams, ambition, and our projects. We also share our success and the excitement we get from working together.

Our office is just getting started; let’s build it together.

  • My story.

    At Arsene, I learned that:

    There is no easy answer to “what is the tax impact?”

    But if you really want to, if you’re serious about it and caring, you can make the person who asked the question realize that “it isn’t that complicated after all”

    To grow, you must help others grow and in our everyday life , we make it a priority


    Independence is priceless

    In the end, success is when talents come together,
    SHARED expertise and a will to go even further with shared ambitions.

    Oh, and I learned a whole lot of metaphors here too, with handles in the corner and a man that saw a bear, but I still don’t get them. That’s a story for another day…

    Yoann Chemama

  • My story.

    I started as a Junior lawyer at Arsene in 2007 and was tasked with building the Transfer Pricing team at the office along with a Partner and a Manager.

    All three of us are now Partners in the team, with strong shared history and values.
    I believe that a successful career owes a lot to Arsene’s vision of partnership through learning and support between an experienced professional willing to share his or her expertise and a new hire.

    Like any good love story, Arsene and I took a short break and I discovered the corporate world.

    I spent several years developing a new way of looking at our business and taking a step back, and I wouldn’t have that resource today if we hadn’t parted ways for a while.

    Benoît Bec

  • My story.

    With customs, I discovered the United Nations of law.

    I joined Arsene in 2013 with a background in criminal law and now work in a field that blends various legal fields with both consulting and litigation.

    When I arrived in 2013, there were 5 of us in the Customs team and no more than 80 in the whole office.

    Now, the Customs team has 9 members and we are over 100 at Arsene: learn, share, and grow…

    Customs is a true reflection of our values because it isn’t something you can actually learn in school.

    We learn by doing and teach others : that’s how customs law works. Serendipity is our best friend: that’s how I found the world of customs.

    Alexandre Celse


    Your story.

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