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Strategic business consulting

Arsene supports a wide array of businesses in their international expansion with tax-efficient solutions adapted to regulations, financial and operational constraints. Arsene also offers assistance in implementing sensible customs and transfer price policies. Thanks to support from the Taxand network, Arsene coordinates tax experts in nearly 50 countries, allowing for a better understanding of the most specific international and local tax issues.

Arsene assists taxpayers in their proceedings with customs and tax administrations through a wide offer of services founded on a strong administrative network. This includes requests for tax and customs rulings, negotiation of advanced pricing agreements supported by Taxand members, management of conventional and European mutual agreements as well as less formal contacts for specific questions.

Arsene is a trusted partner for businesses and executives looking to define and identify efficient and secure compensation policies from a tax perspective. Arsene is specifically involved in structuring executive compensation packages as well as implementing split pay-roll and implementing employee incentive packages (stock options, free stocks) in France and abroad.

Arsene has built a close-knit relationship with institutions in France (professional unions), in Europe and abroad (OECD, for example), becoming a trusted ally in tax lobbying activities. Arsene associates also take part in drafting legislation and comments on bylaws.