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Start Me Up

Arsene is a trusted partner for start-ups, both in their daily tax management and to help secure tax preference policies they may be eligible for (Young Innovative Businesses - JEI, Tax Research Credit - CIR, CICE). Arsene ensures that client start-ups benefit from tax breaks and credits to protect their cash flow.

Arsene advises start-ups in Management Packages for managers and employees, in France and abroad, in order to align their interests with those of the company and make use of available tax benefits.

Arsene supports start-ups in their international development, with an advisory role on the right type of structure for each host country (branch vs subsidiary, for example) and the implementation of suitable within-group flows.

Arsene helps start-ups structure their financing system, and specifically during fundraising or debt contracting in order to protect tax-deductibility of costs. Arsene also assists clients in structuring capital investment from a tax perspective.