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M&A and Private Equity

Arsene takes part in several dozens of investment and divestment transactions per year, working with international corporations and investment funds in collaboration with internal teams as well as financial and legal counsel. Arsene has developed a solid reputation in transaction tax structuring. Our analysis focuses on tax models, and a full memo or step paper presents the various stages of each transaction as well as tax consequences. Arsene is also involved in closing support by setting up funds flows.

Arsene and Taxand work with a full team of attorneys and experts in France and abroad for tax due diligence issues. A full memo or red flag report presents the target corporation’s tax profile as well as an assessment of tax risks. Arsene also supports clients in follow-up regularisation of tax risks, in drawing up SPA tax provisions, and in the analysis of how identified risks may impact the business plan.

Arsene advises clients in Management Package structuring, in collaboration with financial experts and legal counsel involved in the transaction. A thorough understanding of the market and its evolution enables Arsene to add economic models and legal documentation to their analysis in order to secure the chosen tax provisions. Arsene also assists individuals with inspection and litigation issues regarding executive investment instruments.

Arsene has developed a unique expertise on tax issues related to investment fund development and on selecting the right type of structure for fundraising. Arsene supports internal investment fund teams and their legal counsel through carried-interest and co-investment structuring.

Arsene and Taxand assist company owners on asset tax issues and investment transaction structuring in France and abroad. Arsene follows up with clients as well, supporting them throughout the investment on personal tax issues as well as corporate tax issues for companies in which they invest.

Arsene is involved in post-acquisition group restructuring transactions, especially aiming at streamlining structure, transfer price policy, and within-group flows. Arsene also advises clients on implementation and supervision of liability caps.

Arsene assists French and international corporations on capital, merger, demerger, transfer of asset or activity transactions. Our M&A teams have extensive experience dealing with large-scale transactions both as facilitators and coordinators. Arsene also advises clients in refinancing and recapitalisation transactions as well as debt allocation in international corporations.