Social contribution (URSSAF)

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Social contribution (URSSAF)

Our expert URSSAF team has developed key expertise in managing and defending social security payment policies and corporate pharmaceutical tax policy.

We assist our clients on an advisory basis as well as in litigation, specifically for:

  • drawing up an URSSAF risk and opportunity review,
  • securing designated URSSAF dues (regulations, rulings),
  • assisting taxpayers during inspections,
  • representing taxpayers in defensive or offensive litigation.

Thanks to our strong relationship with URSSAF, our team plays a key part in communicating with the administration.

Social contribution (URSSAF) dues auditing, securing and litigation management

Patrice Corbin de Granchamp


T : +33 1 70 38 88 25

M : +33 6 23 72 32 67

Matthieu Bravais


T : + 33 1 78 42 69 72