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R&D and innovation

Arsene carries out a full analysis of the company’s scientific and technical operations as well as its tech roadmap, after which a financing strategy is defined. It is based on various incentive systems, either tax-based (research tax credit, innovation tax credit, JEI) or direct (advances and regional, national, and European subsidies).

Arsene calculates the total amount of possible subsidies according to current regulations, using a reliable technique.

Arsene helps companies gather the necessary documents when filing a request for subsidies (direct subsidies) and for inspections and rulings (tax incentives): -Technical and scientific documents -State of the art review in various scientific fields -Market research notably for innovation tax credits and direct subsidies -Consolidation of existing files -Financial justification forms

Arsene organises corporate training to help improve internal Research Tax Credit filing and justification and increase the company’s self-reliance.

Arsene determines which assets (patents, patentable inventions, etc.) are in the application scope for the dedicated tax preference policy (Art 39I of the General Tax Code - CGI), identifies IP compensation flows, helps determine their value, and drafts necessary justification documents.